New Ghostology Documentary is Completed.

I always tell people I am not a professional film maker.  I don’t have the money or the equipment to make documentaries that look like those on the Discovery Channel.  But I will stand by my content over any of the paranormal shows on today.  Ghostology is different.  I am not here to scare you but have an intelligent conversation about ghostly phenomena regardless of your views and beliefs.  Here is the intro to the documentary.  enjoy!!!

The Rogers Hotel in Idaho Falls

The 1st annual Haunted History Tour is complete and it was a huge success!  Finally I can begin to bring you some of the video clips of SEIPO’s investigation of the Rogers Hotel.  In this one part of the team is doing an EMF session in the basement with some incredible results.

2016 Haunted History Tour of Idaho Falls

final1So I am going to be a part of the Haunted History Tour here in Idaho Falls.  The SEIPO team did an amazing investigation a few weeks ago and really excited to share the evidence we found.  Can’t give out the location till after the tour is over.  I have heard that the tickets are almost gone.  So if you are not able to go then stay tuned and I will post the investigation results here on the Ghostology page.  Click on the image to see the flyer.

Mysterious Destinations: BJs Bayou

Another Mysterious Destination Episode at the historic BJs Bayou Restaurant in Roberts, Idaho.  This Cajun style restaurant s has lots more that great food.  And if your a man watch out when going to the Men’s Room!

The SEIPO Website Returns

SEPIO logo new 02SEIPO web site is now active.  After a long hiatus, the web site for the South & East Idaho Paranormal Organization is up.  This is my investigative group for all things paranormal.

There are some investigations being planed and we have a new home here in Idaho Falls.  But we are planing in going all around the state and maybe even to some neighboring states as well.

The website is not were it needs to be, but it is functioning so check it out.  Here is the link:

Pocatello High School Ghosts DEBUNKED

A ghostly figure was captured on the Pocatello High School security cameras in December 2014. A few rushed to label the footage as proof of paranormal activity at the school. offers its analysis of the video debunking claims that a ghost is seen in the footage.